Links to some interesting and enjoyable videos:-

Training for Tomorrow’s Shipwrights, Masters and Mates   

The Harley Deards 2017 Match films  –  The Thames Sailing Barge Match 2017

The Bargees’ Cowes  –  A beautiful silent film of the 1928 Thames Match

Owen Emerson on board sb Whippet  –  Simon North in conversation with Owen Emerson who talks about his life on board barges and about Whippet.

Medway Barge Match 2015  –  Chriss Hallam’s lovely video taken from sb Cambria.   We like the music too!

Thalatta leaving Harwich,   7 July 2015  –  Shipping TV’s pleasing and peaceful video.

Coronation Year Thames Barge Match  –  This is a lovely British Pathe film of the 1953 Coronation Year Thames Barge Match, won by sb Sara.

“Lighterman Tom”  –  a lovely old British Pathe film of Robert Layton singing “Lighterman Tom” in 1933, with some good shots of Thames barges.

A year afloat with Victor; 14 Jan 2015, part 1  –  Part 1 of Shipping TV’s film project to follow sb Victor during 2015, the 120th year of her working life.

Cygnet at Brightlingsea  –  Nice film from Simon North

Bygones TV programme features Edith May  –  Some lovely old footage of Edith May from an Anglia Television programme.

New bottom for Centaur  –  Short video from Shipping TV reporting that TSBT has obtained a Heritage Lottery grant for Centaur to have a new outer bottom.

Xylonite in the 2013 Pin Mill Barge Match  –  A new film by Simon North, shot from on board Xylonite and concentrating on the crew.   Fantastic shots and colours.

Pin Mill Barge Match 2012                  This clip was filmed from Reminder and shows Edith May and Reminder neck and neck as they re-enter Harwich harbour.

Part 1,     Part 2,    Part 3                          An Interview with Derek “Spearo” Ling  –  3 videos of Spearo talking about his barging life.

Edith May in 2012  –  Part 1            )      Edith May Trading Company’s round-up of 2012.

Edith May in 2012  –  Part 2           )

Sea Change Sailing Trust’s charter of Cambria 2012          Simon North sailed with SCST on Cambria and interviewed those on board about the Trust.

Cambria’s derigging at end of 2012 season    a minute-by-minute account of the mast being lowered at Faversham.

The Blackwater Barge Match 2012       A first class video from Simon North;  great music too.

The Quay    Richard Fleury’s film about the future of Standard Quay, Faversham.

Cygnet sailing off Brightlingsea     Another video from Simon North.

The Sailmaker at work     Steve Hall, the sailmaker from North Sea Sails, came down to Gravesend to repair a tear in Cambria‘s topsail.   Simon North was there to capture the moment, and here’s his video which shows the skill of the traditional sailmaker.

Thalatta returns to Maldon after her restoration   BBC Essex have this great little film about Thalatta and her future life.

A commercial for the restored Cambria       Simon North has made this excellent video, which is well worth a look.

An interesting video tour around the sb Will

Find out more about the sb Edith May  –  Charter sailing barge by summer, cafe by winter.   From the film ‘Noble Life, A voyage of discovery”,  together with Simon North to find out who has the sailing barges he once saw whilst at art college in the 60’s and 70’s in Rochester.

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