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Thames Heritage Alliance

There’s a new website which will be of interest and importance to all of us in the Map of the River Thames from London to MargateThames barging community.  

It’s called Thames Heritage Alliance, sub title “Our heritage on the tidal Thames”.   Traditional boatyards and maritime sites along the River Thames are under threat – as never before – from commercial and residential development and this site intends to try to redress that.

This is what they say,

“By linking some of these rare and historic places together, the Thames Heritage Alliance is drawing attention to their importance, to help them survive in the age of high-rise and high-price property development.

“It’s been suggested that various Thames-side sites with national heritage value should join together to promote understanding of how small sites along the great river have contributed to our country’s history.”

This is the link to the Thames Heritage Alliance website. 



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