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More on Vigilant’s journey to Topsham

Yesterday we posted the news from Ann Mccabe that sb Vigilant is now at Vigilant en route to Topsham Topsham, Devon, awaiting restoration.

Today, Ann has kindly sent us two excellent photos.   The first shows Vigilant en route to Topsham from Essex and was taken as she was going up through Exmouth.   Her hull had been covered with boarding to protect her on the journey.   The second shows her moored at Topsham Quay and looking more like a barge.

Vigilant at Topsham 2012

(Photos  –  Ann Mccabe)

Vigilant now at Topsham

We posted on our Facebook page in January this year that sb Vigilant was up for Vigilantauction.   The news was spotted by Sheila Hughan Moore who asked if it was the first time that a sailing barge had been sold on e-Bay.    At the close of the sale period, there were 34 bids from 10 bidders, with the winning one being for £7,990. 

Martin Phillips told us that Vigilant had been lying in London for a while after she stopped actively sailing in the 90s, and was sold to become a houseboat at Woodbridge before moving to St Osyth.   We were all agreed that the photos on e-Bay showed that she was in a sorry state.

Now we have heard from Ann Mccabe that Vigilant is moored at Topsham Quay, awaiting restoration.

The picture shows her at the time of the auction.

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