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sb Ethel Everard at Dunkirk

There’s a nice piece on the In the Boatshed website about sb Ethel dunkirketheleverardEverard at Dunkirk  –  very relevant as the 75th anniversary of Dunkirk approaches.   Here’s a link to the site, which itself has a link to a site with the Everard history.

Water, water everywhere – and difficult to get a drink!

High spring tide at Maldon  –  Yes, Hythe Quay is under there somewhere!High Tide Maldon 15 03 09 kids stranded on Thistle

First Peter Phillips sent us this picture, which shows Thistle with some visitors stranded on board.   Apparently the children enjoyed it, but the adults were not too keen.


Then The Barge Tearooms posted some pictures showing that it can be difficult sometimes to get a cup of tea on a barge!

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