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  1. I heard that earlier in the year SB Montreal of London sank at her moorings in Battersea London and was eventually de rigged and hull was broken up at her moorings. Can anyone confirm this? It sound like the keel had major rot problems eventually leading to frames and hull planking giving way.
    Another sad day for the Thames barge numbers…..


    • Simon North

      Montreal was pumped to keep her afloat then towed to Hoo, she then lay at Erith for a year or so where the owner had paid for her to be broken up. She was eventually broken up in 2013.. At St Mary’s Battersea a had log drifted underneath her hull and got stuck there. The tides then did the rest. The owner was living in a house at the time.


  2. Thought you might like to see my latest sculptural piece entitled Light Wind Fast Tide. Photos on your sight helped inspire me.!gallery/vstc1=sculptural/slideshow1=8


  3. That’s ‘site’ not ‘sight’…Senior moment!


  4. Thank you Mark. That’s stunning.


  5. Dick Palmer

    Does anybody know what happened to Arrow ? Any pictures anywhere ? I sailed on her in 61/62. Good times


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