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Cement barrels loaded at Tunnel Jetty

My local newspaper, the Thurrock Gazette, has a weekly column called “Down Tunnel Cement & bargesMemory Lane”, which is written by my good friend Jonathan Catton, Heritage & Museum Officer of Thurrock Council, or, in my terminology, Curator of Thurrock Museum.   Each week I clip out Jonathan’s piece and put it in a Box File, but often don’t get a chance to read it for some time.

I’ve just been catching up on them, and found one from February of this year about Thurrock’s cement industry, particularly Tunnel Portland Cement.

It includes a picture which Jonathan had taken from the front cover of one of the company’s souvenir catalogues from the 1930s.   It shows the Tunnel Jetty on the Thames with several sailing barges, one of which is being loaded with barrels of cement. 

Sorry the quality is not good as it is a scanned-in news cutting. 

Tricia Gurnett

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