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Mark Boyle – Another great loss to the sailing barge world

A number of friends have contacted us about the very sad news of the death of Mark Boyle.

The inspiration behind the re-establishment of the Thames Barge Match and its secretary since 1995, Mark died suddenly on 19 December 2012.

As Hilary Halajko says in a comment to our previous post, December has been a sad month for the barging world.

Barging about the Rivers – in the Sun!

Much better weather around the Thames area makes it a grand weekend for the barges.  Here’s what some of them have to say over the last couple of days:-            

Peter Phillips says, Thalatta doing what she does best!  Cyril, Roger, Rita and a barge load of children cruising the Blackwater.”  (photo – Peter Phillips)

Thames Barge Orinoco says, “Fantastic charter yesterday!  And again today;  all sitting in the sunshine on the deck watching the world go by.”  (photo – sb Orinoco)

Annie Meadows says, “We have 45 artists on board today;  hoping I will be allowed to photograph some of their work.”

Cambria is at Pin Mill, where Richard Titchener, Hilary Halajko and the Sea Change youngsters on board have been busy.   Dave Brooks went to visit them and took some pictures.  

Dave says, “Cambria is on the blocks at Pin Mill, and Skipper Richard Titchener is showing the way as Sea Change do a fantastic job of painting her up in readiness for the Thames match next weekend.”   (photo – Dave Brooks)

Dave goes on to say “The locals didn’t recognize her with the black leeboards, so when in Pin Mill do as Bob Roberts would have done and paint them.”   Cambria now has tri-colour leeboards.   (photo – Dave Brooks)

Dave had something else to tell us too.   “For the first time in over 40 years Cambria returns to Pin Mill.  It stirred a few memories of some of the people living there who remember her from the Bob Roberts days.”  (Photo – Dave Brooks)

Meanwhile two special events are going on today:-   the Harwich Sea Festival and Lifeboat Day and the Nautical Festival at Faversham.   Lovely weather for both of them, with lots of good things to see and do, and a great atmosphere. 

And now Ed Gransden joins in to tell us, “Sailing past Horrid hill, riverside.  Cracking day today  –  I knew this summer would be a good one….” 




Cambria is at Gravesend and open for visits

Cambria will be lying at the new Town Pier Pontoon, Gravesend, until 3rd May.

She will be open for visits on any day in that period at the following times, 10.30am, 12 noon, 2.30pm and 4.00pm.    Every effort will be made to stick to that programme, but some time slots may need to be dropped if there are insufficient people to man the barge.

Cambria brought the first of this year’s groups of young carers, (part of the Rotary International scheme), up from the Swale at the weekend  –  a successful charter.

Hilary Halajko said, “the new bowsprit is fab.   We had a lovely beat up sea reach on Saturday night.   Bit too windy for the jib topsail but we had it set earlier in the day.”

(Photographs  –  Dave Brooks)

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