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Gavin writes about Bob Roberts the musician

Gavin Atkin, who writes the In the Boatshed blog, has kindly sent us a copy of his Bob-Roberts-article-339x480recent article for the folk music magazine EDS.

The article is about Bob Roberts, and concentrates on a side which perhaps is less well known, his music.    But Gavin tells an interesting story of Bob’s career in journalism, the way he was drawn to a life at sea, and the years he spent collecting songs and tunes from wherever he went.

Here’s the link to the article.

And this is Gavin’s blog.

Thanks Gavin for an excellent read.



A low opinion of dumb bargemen from the great writer

I often read and enjoy In the Boat Shed, the blog which Gavin Atkin writes, but I am grateful today to Edith May Trading Company for alerting me to a new post from Gavin about the respective merits of “dumb bargemen” and sailing bargemen in the time of Charles Dickens.   It’s fascinating to read Dickens’s extremely low opinion of the dumb bargemen, and Gavin promises a future post on “his equally determined rant against the selfish and stupid operators of steam launches, which are clearly the Chelsea tractor and jetski drivers of his time.”

Here’s the link to In the Boat Shed to see the whole article.

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