Threat to Maldon’s barges

Maldon District Council – E Petition – Increase in charges for mooring barges and parking cars on Hythe Quay

The Thames Sailing Barge Trust and other barge Operators on Hythe Quay at Maldon are facing a huge increase in mooring and parking charges from Maldon District Council which all are fighting.   However the council is not looking at the wider issues relating to what it proposes.

The Thames Sailing Barge Trust is unable to afford a 94% rise in charges and neither can the other operators.

The Maldon & Heybridge Heritage Harbour Working Group, on which the barge operators have a voice, has set up an e-petition on the Maldon District Council website. The link is below.    Could we ask you to click on the link and register and then support the statement that has been issued.

Once you have done this, please copy the link to other friends/parties/associates you may know who may live and/or work in the wider area around Maldon for them to do the same.

This is very important.   The future of the barges staying at Maldon is at stake.

Many thanks in advance,  your support is appreciated.

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  1. Disgraceful


  2. Angela Clark

    These traditional, beautiful boats are enjoyed by many and need to be kept for future generations. The upkeep is high and raising mooring and parking charges is thoughtless and greedy


  3. Maldon needs these barges bring in lot of tourist trade what council trying to do kill Maldon


  4. Denise Thame

    The barges bring in a lot of tourism to Maldon , don’t make them go elsewhere


  5. Jacqueline Yaxley

    Can’t believe this!! ??? Maldon has always been famous for its barges!?


  6. Can’t register as I live in Spain,. Ok to use a relatives address? Grew up in Fitch’s Crescent, the Barges are as part of Maldon as the sea salt & mud!


  7. Vanessa Gooderham

    Greed sums it up.


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