Medway Match 2015 taken by Chriss Hallam from Cambria

We’ve added to our list of videos the lovely film made by Chriss Hallam

Photo courtesy Chriss Hallam

of the 2015 Medway Barge Match.   He was on board sb Cambria, so there are some good shots of her deck, rigging, and so on, including a nice one of Skipper Ian at the wheel.   We like the music too!

Here’s the link


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  1. Geoff Robinson

    Unable to open the link – all I get is a message from Facebook to the effect that ‘Something went wrong…..’ Many thanks for the Barge Blog – always interesting, informative, and often a source of info/data re: barges.


    • Sorry you have had problems, Geoff. I’ve tried the Facebook link via another account and it seems to work. Anyway it seems you got to The Barge Blog post so you could see the video. Thank you for your remarks.


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