More updates on Where to see Sailing Barges

Hugh Perks cleans Cambria's brass

Hugh Perks cleans Cambria’s brass

There’s a further update to the new Where to see Sailing Barges page.                  

Hugh Perks provided some more information.   Tom Lagan, mate of sb Will, reminded me we had forgotten Will.   And I thought of a couple of others I had forgotten. 

So here’s the link to the updated page.


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  1. Geoff Robinson

    First – many thanks for ‘Where to See Sailing Barges’ which I found interesting, informative and useful. I went up to South Quay, on the Docklands Light Railway today, specifically to find and photograph Will. It’s a very large area and I only found her after a long search, so I offer the following for anyone else who wants to go up to see her. Whether you arrive at South Quay DLR from the City OR the Lewisham direction, turn left at the bottom of the stairs, walk forward to the road, and cross at the traffic lights. On the other side turn left again and almost immediately you will see on your right a dock basin with a moored vessel named (I think) Le Sorrell – walk a little further on then turn right and go down the steps onto the quayside OPPOSITE that ship. Ahead of you the quay turns to the left – when you reach the corner you will see Will a couple of hundred yards away. Useful tip for photographers – when you reach Will you will note on your left a flight of stairs leading up to a closed building – the top of those stairs provides an excellent high viewpoint from which to take photographs!


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