Any pictures of Arrow?

Dick Palmer has contacted us to ask if anybody knows what happened to sb Arrow.   The splendid  Sailing Barge Compendium, produced for the Society by John White in 2012, shows that Arrow became a barge yacht and was eventually buried at Titchmarsh Marina, Walton Backwaters.

Dick tells us that he sailed on her in 1961/62, and he asks if there are any pictures of Arrow anywhere.


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  1. Please contact the Thames Sailing Barge Trust who have pictures of Arrow when they owned her. The newsletter editor maybe able to help


  2. Colin Swindale

    I remember the Arrow very well, when she was sold by the T.B.S.C. she was towed to West Mersea where she lay in a mudberth with her mainmast still in situ for some while. She was bought /owned by a water ski club and towed up near Mersea Strood as a base for them. A year or so later she sat on her anchor and sank and at high water her decks were awash. She was refloated and towed to Walton Backwaters and eventually put into the wall of Titchmarsh Marina. I acquired a section of one of her bowboards with the name carved in it and some years later gave it to Barry Pearce who I believe still has it to this day..


  3. Many thanks for the information John Rayment and Colin Swindale.


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