Dawn has a new website

Gerard Swift, Skipper of sb Dawn, has contacted us to let us know that Dawn has a new ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????website and to give a report on the season.   He says,

Dawn is the last of the full-size Thames Sailing Barges built with a tiller.   It is the aim of the Dawn Sailing Barge Trust to continue with her restoration so that she is completely back to 1897, her launch year.   The next phase is to replace the wheel steering with tiller steerage.   The next will be the steel mast and spars with traditional wooden spars.   There are many smaller details that will keep the Trust busy for a long while to come, but when complete she will be a full working example of Victorian maritime transportation actually able to carry a full cargo under sail.

Dawn has just finished another successful season of sailing with many new people able to experience a barge sailing.   Anyone interested in getting involved can find out more from the website.” 

The new website address is  www.dawn1897.com

Our picture, courtesy of Bill Sutherland and taken from his window, shows Dawn taking hay upriver to St Katherine’s Dock recreating the journey she and many others stackies would have made in their heyday.  



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