Dave finds the Northdown

You can’t keep a Barge Nut down!   

Julie may have taken Dave Brooks off to France on holiday, but guess what he finds?   Yes, a barge;  to be precise the Northdown at Port Musee Douarnenez — in Douarnenez, Bretagne.    Here’s the series of pictures he took:-

Northdown under covers

Northdown under covers

Northdown under covers

Northdown under covers














Northdown's Transom

Northdown’s Transom

Northdown's Spars

Northdown’s Spars




and a reminder of where this one goes!

and a reminder of where this one goes!



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  1. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, my friend’s husband Steve Barry was master of the Northdown. I think she was was based in St Katherine Dock at Tower Bridge, being used for corporate entertainment. I remember being on board during a barge race from Greenhithe to Greenwich, with a reception afterwards on the Cutty Sark!- Bev


  2. Robert Hallmann

    Steve Barry? The name rings a bell. Was he in charge when I was on board taking photographs for the owners, a City Company with guests on board? I was designing a leaflet and supplied images for publicity. Swale Match, probably 1970s? Shame this contact won’t allow pictures.


  3. Johann von Karpowitz

    Dear friends of SB Northdown, in 1976 I’ve been on board for two times: in summer as leader of a group young german kids and then for the Black-Water-race at seasons end. It was a dramatic race: we had bad luck, fell back to the end, but Steve showed everyone, how to sail a barge. We almost overtook them, but just before the goal on third place we had to start the engine because of to much water in the ship – out and over. It was great and ever I hoped to get the chance for sailing once again on this proud ship. But now – I’m sorry – it’s over: SB Northdown is a wreck. It lies near the museum for historic ships in Douarnenez/France on ground, no mast, nothing, only the wooden hull. I made some pictures. A museum staff told me, that it needs about 700.000 € to restore the ship – to much for the museum. So it seams to be the real end for SB Northdown. If anyone has contact to Steve please bring him best greetings. With best regards from Germany, John


  4. Keith Harvey Young

    I visited the Northdown in Douarnenez several years ago, not covered with a tarp at that time. Question is that my maternal Grandfather once had an association with this vessel and I believe several others. Perhaps this barge and others that he ” owned , managed ? “, Is there any reference to Ernest Lawrence Harvey, he lived in Rainham, Kent when I was a small boy and at that time, 1940’s owned a newsagent and tobacconist shop next t a hairdressing salon, as I remember . Can any Medway historian of rivermen throw any light ?


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