Vigilant now at Topsham

We posted on our Facebook page in January this year that sb Vigilant was up for Vigilantauction.   The news was spotted by Sheila Hughan Moore who asked if it was the first time that a sailing barge had been sold on e-Bay.    At the close of the sale period, there were 34 bids from 10 bidders, with the winning one being for £7,990. 

Martin Phillips told us that Vigilant had been lying in London for a while after she stopped actively sailing in the 90s, and was sold to become a houseboat at Woodbridge before moving to St Osyth.   We were all agreed that the photos on e-Bay showed that she was in a sorry state.

Now we have heard from Ann Mccabe that Vigilant is moored at Topsham Quay, awaiting restoration.

The picture shows her at the time of the auction.


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  1. Colin Swindale

    After Vigilant left St Saviours Dock (just below Tower Bridge) she went to Hoo and had major works carried out which included new chine keelsons, loads of new frames amidships and much replanking in these areas and I fully expected and hoped to see her sailing the following year.
    I saw her many times at St Osyth looking sadder and sadder and watched her ebay auction with great interest and I was tempted to bid! I am delighted that she made the passage to Topsham apparently under her own power and I hope she will be returning to full commision fairly soon.

    At least two other barges have been on ebay for sale in the last year or so the Ena and the Maldon built Violet but I do not think that either were sold.


  2. Thank you Colin. This adds to our information on Vigilant.


  3. David Wylie

    Looking for SB Ena. Anyone know where she is?


  4. Clive A Liddell

    HI DAVID The Thames sailing barge ENA is just rotting away at the Boatyard in Hoo near Rochester Kent. I went there to see it and was shocked to see the condition that it has been left to go. This sailing barge is a part of our history and as such should be restored. It played a major part in both world wars and is recognized as a Dunkirk Little Ship, but, after seeing the state she is in, I wonder if being a Dunkirk Little Ship means anything anymore.


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