Orinoco likened to a cat called Ulysses!

Found on the internet today, a nice little piece about Orinoco.   It was on the Geograph website, which has the tag line, “photograph every web square”.                                            

And here’s what the website says about the photo:-

“The sailing barge ‘Orinoco’, moored at Iron Wharf, Faversham Creek.

“A calm, warmish June evening  –  warmer than many in June 2012.   In the distance, the unmistakable silhouette of Oyster Bay House, with its hoist high above the creek.   A little nearer, there is what looks rather like the awning over a railway station platform  –  this has in fact been rigged up over a vessel undergoing restoration.

“I love the idea of giving the adventurous name ‘Orinoco’ to a modest coastal-going Thames barge  –  it’s a bit like calling your cat Ulysses.”


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  1. Stefan Czapski

    I’m tickled to find that what I said about Orinoco – and the photo of her I posted on Geograph – got picked up by folk in the sailing barge community. When it comes to barges I’m strictly a spectator (so far, at least) but I do love the old things, and try to post a few barge pictures on Geograph from time to time.

    I watched the later stages of the 2014 Swale Match from Shellness spit the other day. Conditions were tricky for photography, but I’ve salvaged a few shots, and will put them up on Geograph in the next few days.



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