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After the Pageant, Cygnet takes some time off at Eel Pie Island

After the  Jubilee Pageant Des Kaliszewki dropped Cygnet’s mast, and set her bridge sail and mizzen to sail through the bridges before the trip boats got under way.   Under Westminster and on,  now under motor he had the aim of passing under Richmond Half Lock to anchor and spend the day there.   In fact he dropped anchor just below Eel Pie Island, and called at the Barmy Arms to meet SSBR Chairman, Elizabeth Wood.  Next morning Cygnet tied at Twickenham Yacht Club to take on water (and dispose of their elsan) before returning down river back to Snape.

(Words and photograph by David Wood)

Sign the petition to show the BBC we didn’t like their coverage

The press and social network sites have been full of criticism of the BBC for its coverage of the Jubilee Weekend events, and particularly of the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant.

If, like the writer, you were bitterly disappointed that instead of seeing the one thousand boats we were promised, we got cookery demonstrations, artists with soggy paintings of the river, and inane comments from second rate so-called celebrities, to say nothing of total inaccuracies about the Queen, the Royal Family, the boats and the order they were in, then please sign this e-petition.

“BBC’s Dire Coverage of the Thames Flotilla and other Jubilee Events

We the undersigned are appalled at the BBC’s dire coverage and reporting of the Jubilee events especially during the Thames Flotilla on Sunday June 3. We are particularly concerned at the lack of professionalism with regards to the presentation, editing and camera angles. We are shocked at the use of the term ‘Her Royal Highness’ when referring to Her Majesty the Queen. We are appalled at the total lack of knowledge shown by the presenters of the individual boats appearing in the Flotilla, especially regarding the Historic Boats and the ‘Little Boats of Dunkirk.’ We were most disappointed that the Spirit of Chartwell was not shown passing through Tower Bridge. This programme was transmitted worldwide and was a national embarrassment. We are also concerned that the Olympics will be likewise dumbed down.”

You can sign the petition via this link:   http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/34656


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