Sheila knits the Jubilee River Pageant

This story is not about sailing barges, but, as one of the many articles being published to do with HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant, it is so unusual and quirky I thought readers would not mind.

Keen knitter, Sheila Carter from Southampton has made a knitted Royal Barge cruising along the Thames.   The project is a metre long and shows the Queen and Duke, the Thames Watermen, a surrounding flotilla of small boats, and Tower Bridge in the background.    It took Sheila 500 hours and an estimated 1.8million stitches using 4,500ft of wool.   Read the full story here.

Incidentally, isn’t it strange how national newspapers and media just keep getting it wrong.   The Queen will be on board a “decorated royal barge” but it will not be a de-rigged sailing barge, as originally reported;  nor will it be the magnificent newly-built “Gloriana” rowed barge.   It will be the Thames charter dining boat, “Spirit of Chartwell”,  which has been out of action, (so not making money), for many months whilst it has been re-fitted to make it resemble the barges used by Tudor and Stuart monarchs, complete, we are told, with two large thrones for the Queen and Prince Philip. 


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